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2014 - A Great Year to Experience G-Land
+ This year has been the least crowded in a long time!
+ Fast boat from Bali to G-Land return trip now included in all packages!

Welcome to g-land.co.nz, the most comprehensive complete G-Land website available on the internet, managed by New Zealand surfer Jarred Hancox, one of the most experienced surf guide's from Bobby's. Jarred is the official New Zealand agent to G-land Bobby's Surf Camp and has tailored many a great package for travelling Kiwi (and international) surfers by applying his knowledge and experience in helping the guests.

G-Land Bobby's Surf Camp is the first original surf camp of its kind. Renowned world wide for 30+ years as being the best camp in G-Land, the highest quality service, accommodations, and food await you.

The abundance of world class surf, exotic wild life and natural settings are located in a large jungle reserve on the south eastern tip of Java, Indonesia. You are treated to a picturesque setting that offers an unforgettable exhilarating adventure experience. G-Land boasts arguably the best waves in Indonesia, and has the most consistent surf of all the Indonesian archipelago.

Jarred has been coming to G-Land every year for almost 1 decade. Clocking up 2 years of jungle time, 1500 hours of surfing time, 2 solid hours of tube time (and counting), he knows the jungle, reef and surf conditions like the back of his hand. There is no one more qualified and experienced to help you plan and book your G-Land trip. Whether its your first time or your 5th time, Jarred can offer the most professional advice and information towards tailoring the right package for you.

Excerpt from Testimonials page:"Jarred helped organise our G-Land adventure right from the outset. Everything from sorting travel dates to advice on what boards would go the best....... It couldn't have gone more smoothly. Epic." - David Newport, New Zealand

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Email Jarred any time for more details, questions and queries.                                            

Below: A video of what you might expect from your stay at G-Land Bobby's Surf Camp: